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    Hello still love the Janis shoe. So supportive and comfortable. Can you advise which other styles use the same/or similar last this year please.
    15 Jun 2016
    Hi Kaye Thank you for your review and feedback. We also make JESS and JOY on the same last as Janis. Thanks Ingrid
    16 Jun 2016
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    I would like to buy extra wide Ziera in a grey or taupe colour. Mary Jane design.Please advise if available.
    Roslynn Ryan
    1 Feb 2016
    Hi Roslynn, we have the black available in XW but can only offer the grey in W. Please contact your local store to order if this is what you are after. Thanks Raewyn
    2 Feb 2016
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    I just bought a pair of Janis a couple of days ago from a store in Kuala Lumpur and its very expensive considering its a special purpose shoes! However I am very dissappointed that upon examining the shoes were Made In China and not from New Zealand as claimed by the store salesman. Yes, its true that the dyes stained your heel areas. 26 Jan 2016
    Jill Lum
    26 Jan 2016
    Hi Jill, I am very sorry you were given wrong information. All our shoes are designed in New Zealand and carefully constructed with the help of our staff in China. With regard to the dye staining your heels, to help with this use a warm damp cloth to wipe the heel area well then allow to dry (repeating this process a few times will give better results) As an extra precaution water and stain protector can be applied after drying.
    27 Jan 2016
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    I bought a pair of these shoes just over a month ago and have worn them twice - they are like wearing bricks on your feet. I have arthritis on my upper foot and have found these shoes to hard they cannot be leather and also the rubber soles they have no give in them.
    20 Oct 2015
    Hi Shirley, Janis is definitely made with a leather upper. This is quite a structured shoe for the person who needs a lot of stability. The sole is a rocker sole designed to propel the foot forward with each step and is made in polyurethane so should be flexible as well. Maybe this shoe is just too structured for your foot needs? Regards Raewyn
    20 Oct 2015
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    My Janis shoes from last year have split on the sole from side to side also. I bought another pair to replace them as they were so comfortable assuming the split had something to do with surfaces I had been walking on!!! My purpose for this review originally was disappointment with the dye internally which has left my heels permanently black.
    4 Jul 2015
    Hi Helen, we do guarantee our shoes for up to a year if a manufacturing fault occurs. If you brought from a Ziera store they will have your purchases on file. Apologies for the dye transfer, we have had issues this season with colourfastness from our supplier and are recommending wiping out after each wear with a damp cloth then once dry spraying with a scotchguard product. If this is not acceptable you can take them back into the store for a resolution. Regards Raewyn
    6 Jul 2015
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    I would like to thank the Customer Service Team for their prompt action regarding my Janis shoes which the sole had split on. They are kindly going to replace these for me. I am so happy as they are a favourite pair of shoes and are so comfortable.
    8 May 2015
    You are welcome Susan!
    8 May 2015
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    I have had a pair of this Janis style for just over 2 years, I don't wear them every day, maybe 2-3 times a week. I wear them to work and them change into another pair of heels. Last week, I noticed the sole has broken, from side to side, and the rest on the sole is hardly showing any signs of wear. Can you advise me if there is a problem with the sole of this style? I await your response.
    4 May 2015
    Hi Susan. If you could email some pictures of your shoes that would be really helpful. Thanks!
    4 May 2015
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    Are they available in 10.5 or 11
    Dessie Panayi
    17 Apr 2015
    Hi Dessie, Janis is available right up to a size 45 - contact your local store to order. Regards Raewyn
    21 Apr 2015
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    I am interested in the Gilly boots and would like to buy a black pair and a red pair, are they available at the Bridge Road, Richmond store, if not can you tell me which store they are available at.
    Dessie Panayi
    17 Apr 2015
    Hi Dessie, the Bridge Rd store can order htee in for you once you know your correct size. Regards Raewyn
    21 Apr 2015
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    I have never had more comfort than when i wear my Janis shoes! i have them in black and red (love the red)! im wondering if you have boots made on the same last as Janis? thank you!! oh also, are any of your sneak shoes made on the same last as Janus?
    17 Feb 2015
    Hi Jenny Thank you for your great feedback on the style JANIS. We do make the style JIMI on the same last but it's not a boot. I suggest you try the EFS last which is a hugely popular and comfortable last. This season the boots GABBY and GILLY are on the EFS last. SNEAK is made on the SN last another very comfortable and popular last for us. Thanks, Ingrid
    18 Feb 2015
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    I work retail. I am on my feet all day on hard floors. These shoes are stylish, hardwearing and soooo comfortable. Brilliant! Thank you, Zierra
    3 Jan 2015
    Hi Janeen, thats great Janis has been a very successful shoe for us and has helped many customers feet! kind regards Raewyn
    5 Jan 2015
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    Please tell me what materials these shoes are made from
    23 Dec 2014
    Hi Ros, the upper of Janis is all leather with the exception of the throat which is lycra. The lining is mostly leather as well with the front being drilex which is a synthetic mix - hope this helps, Raewyn
    29 Dec 2014
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    These are great shoes, and I've tried many before these to suit my forefoot problems. Do you use the same last in any of your laceup range?
    2 Oct 2014
    The lace up style JIMI is made on the same last as JANIS. Thanks
    3 Oct 2014
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    Can I make an order: The Janis:Size 37,5 and wide collar :black. How can I order this? Kind Regards Marijke
    Marijke Kluiters
    26 May 2014
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    Hi is there any likelihood you would make the pewter/espresso/kelp colour in the X Wide, the Janis shoe? Thanks
    26 May 2014
    Janine, sorry no this colour is only made in Wide.
    30 May 2014
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    These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I just wish you did them in brown and also beige for the summer. I
    Margaret Wilson
    26 Apr 2014
    Margaret, thanks for your review. We are making this in Pewter which is a great "go with anything colour". thanks
    28 Apr 2014
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    I bought these in a dark espresso/brown combo over a year ago and love them. So a couple of months ago bought these in the Espresso/Pewter shade (kind of gray bronze) and love them too. I wear them to work with my dress pants/skirts almost every day. I pair them with jeans for casual. They are excellent with my foot issue (plantar fasciatis) and are supportive. Very cute and I get compliments. The orthotic in them is just great!
    9 Mar 2014
    Thanks for that great review. Yes these are proving to be very popular which is why we have offered the extra colour of Red this winter.
    10 Mar 2014
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    I have achilles problems and as a nurse I am on my feet for long hours. These are the only shoes I have found (and I have spent a fortune trying) that don't leave my feet tired or irritate my achilles tendons, or contribute to sore knee & hip joints from walking on hard floors all day. I hope you continue this style (in black too) as I have referred many of my nursing colleagues to you when they complain of aching joints after a long day.
    17 Nov 2013
    Sue, thanks for contacting us and great to hear you are loving our style JANIS. yes, we are making this for at least a few seasons to come yet as it is in our Top ten and customers like you are enjoying their comfort.
    19 Nov 2013
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    fabulous, shoes are so comfy have had two foot surgeries this year and they feel like walking on air.
    4 Oct 2013
    Sheila, that's great to hear. We are continuing this style into next year and making different styles on this same last/sole. Look out for these early next year. thanks
    7 Oct 2013
  • Do you have shoes like this size 34 or 35 at Lynn Mall ?..Thanks...from.hazel
    Hazel Lanzuela
    19 Aug 2013
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    I do you have this shoe in the xxw in a 44 in black?
    30 Jul 2013
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    Worth every cent. I usually take off my shoes as soon as I get home from work/shopping etc because my feet/back hurt so much. Not with these; so comfortable I forget I have them on, and they are more comfortable than any cross trainer I've had.
    Ngaire Dixon
    10 Jun 2013
    Ngaire, thanks for that. It's good to hear your feet are loving this style. JIMI is on the same last/sole if you want something different in a lace up.
    11 Jun 2013
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    Love my pewter shoes and find they are very comfy for me. Would consider buying another colour.
    Evelyn Edney
    5 Jun 2013
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    I have had these shoes since the beginning of the year. I call them my "shopping shoes" because I can stand and walk in them all day without aching feet or back or any sore spots like I get with other shoes. They are just so comfy. Love them!
    Lyn J
    30 Dec 2012
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    i purchased these shoes last feb and have worm them 4-5 days per week since, so comfy!!
    Cathy Edwards
    23 Dec 2012
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    Bought these for my mum as she likes the slight raised heel and the velcro strap. This is the 2nd pair she has had. I am able to buy them without my mother trying them on as they fit perfectly.
    Diane Greenaway
    9 Oct 2012
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    Hi Ziera I love the Janis Slate/ Rouge. Thanks
    Fe Putz
    9 Mar 2012

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