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BLACK Wide,X-Wide
GREIGE Wide,X-Wide

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    I have had a pair of these shoes that I purchased in 2010. The soles are starting to perish now. They are very comfortable and wear extremely well. They have traveled the world with me.
    26 Apr 2016
    Hi Gaylene, we have an updated style called Daffodil coming out for Summer 16. You will be able to purchase a new pair from August on. Regards Raewyn
    27 Apr 2016
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    I have just bought my second pair of Donae. Very comfortable and easy to wear. I was however cautious as the 1st pair left my feet black every time I wore them. The black was all over my hands in the shop after I had tried them on! I read your suggestions and sprayed the 2nd pair with scotchgard. This worked for about 2-3 weeks, now my feet are black again. And it doesn't come off easily! So much for pretty summer feet!
    19 Jan 2016
    Hi Barbara Sorry to hear this staining has persisted. Please return to the store of purchase for assistance. Thanks Ingrid
    19 Jan 2016
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    I am a medium fit as I have narrow feet. I have a choice of three sandals with 3/4 orthotics. But I have no choice when it comes to full inlay orthotics for sandals in a medium fit. I am still wearing my Kumfs Marvel shoes from 8 to 10 years ago! Do you have any Kumfs Marvel medium shoes in your warehouse? I am concerned about the fit of the Donae and my podiatrist wants me to wear a full inlay orthotic.
    15 Jan 2016
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    Have been wearing my sandals all summer,special severe pronation sandals.Ziear has helped my mobility with the arch support technology
    14 Jan 2016
    Hi Yvette Thank you for your feedback on the DONAE. It's great to hear it's worked so well for you. Regards Ingrid
    15 Jan 2016
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    I have rheumatoid arthritis. Bought my first pair of sandals in 20 years today The Donae in silver. Ordered black ones. Wish List 1 pair in red and 1 pair in animal print. Absolutely thrilled. Can't wait to go to work and show them off wore Fellini and Farrow for years but can't anymore now in Donae and Gianna. Love your shoes. Patricia
    patricia Campbell
    3 Oct 2015
    Hi Patricia, thanks for your review. Donae has been a great sandal for us and you will be pleased to hear we are considering in a print for next Summer. regards raewyn
    6 Oct 2015
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    I bought a pair of Donae in stone patent. The staff at Penrith store fitted them for me to suit my full orthotics, as I was going to a wedding. They were very comfortable and they looked good and it was wonderful to have nice shoes on my feet instead of joggers.. Thank you, Thank you Ziera.
    Betty Haworth
    24 Sep 2015
    that's great Betty, it is good to hear our staff are being creative. Just because a shoe is made for a full or half insert it does not mean that is how they HAVE to be worn. The removable insert means the fit can be customised to suit the wearer and can be swapped out to accommodate swelling etc. A good result, regards Raewyn
    25 Sep 2015
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    I bought a pair of Donae x-wide, and would love to buy a pair in papaya. Why don't you do the same shoe in x-wide in differant colours? Also is there any chance you could start to give your shoes a star rating for orthotic support, this would be a great help to those of us that need lots of support.
    Louise Marland
    12 Sep 2015
    Hi Louise, sorry we have limited pairs in papaya, we struggle to offer all styles in all colours in all widths so have to make decisions based on the entire range. Not much help to you I am afraid. This year we have also made a device called a vamp extender that fits on to the front strap to make more room. Sadly we are not making Papaya but do a number of other colours available in store. regards Raewyn
    14 Sep 2015
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    It was time for another pair of sandals for the office attire - and with the added detail of orthotics involved, I always browse with caution. Donae in black fitted the role perfectly and only took a few hours to be 'worn in' (rubbed some vaseline around the irritated areas to soften things up). Heavenly bliss and they look rather smart. I also realised that my Mother has a pair of these and yet they are quite fashionable for both of us - phew! Thank you Ziera for yet another stylish, wearable shoe with no pain to speak of!
    Suzanne Gordon
    23 Mar 2015
    Hi Suzanne Thank you for your positive feedback on our popular sandal DONAE which we are continuing for summer 15. Thanks
    25 Mar 2015
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    It took me a week or two to wear in my new Donae sandals but they are so comfortable now. The only other problem I had with them is the large amount of black dye that stained my feet for the first couple of weeks of wearing them.
    30 Jan 2015
    Hi Jenny, we have had a problem this season, our leather buyer is talking to our supplier to make sure they are following their processes correctly. We are suggesting wiping out after each wear and spraying with a scotchguard product. Kind regards raewyn
    3 Feb 2015
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    I have had my pair for 3 weeks and most of the pain I had been experiencing in my ankles and knee has gone. I am walking more normally again. I just love wearing them they are so comfortable.
    3 Dec 2014
    Thats great news Hope, if only more people realised that back, knee and leg pain can be attributed to poor footwear a lot of the time, they could save years of pain and expense at the physio!
    4 Dec 2014
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    I just bought my Donae shoes, wore them today first time with my orthodics love love them, there so comfortable. I have small feet size 34 and high arch. I'll be buying another pair in a different colour. Thanks Ziera!!! Josephine
    13 Nov 2014
    Yay! Thanks Josephine.. We are glad you are loving your Donae :-)
    13 Nov 2014
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    I noticed you didn't answer Janet Buttigieg's question from June 2014. I am wondering the same thing. I need a summer sandal with a little heel or wedge, a closed in back for support and I have a full orthotic. I do love a few of your shoes, but I'm not sure how they are going to work for me. Do you have any suggestions?
    4 Nov 2014
    Hi Joanna.. The styles to look at would be Chloe, Cotton, Cali & Iconic. These styles will accomodate a full orthotic while still having the slight heel and summer cut outs :-)
    5 Nov 2014
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    I love, love, love the Donae that my daughter gave to me. I wear them everywhere. Dress anid casual events. Thank you so much. Now I see you have a different range of colours. My only choice now, is which one. Thank you so much.
    Rui Reid
    24 Oct 2014
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    I love, love, love the Donae that my daughter gave to me. I wear them everywhere. Dress anid casual events. Thank you so much. Now I see you have a different range of colours. My only choice now, is which one. Thank you so much.
    Rui Reid
    24 Oct 2014
    That is great news! Thank you so much for letting us know :)
    28 Oct 2014
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    I have an older pair of Donae but because I am a medium fit there are a limited selection of colours and it seems all the nice colours are only done in wide. Will you ever be doing these in a patent for us narrower feet people
    18 Oct 2014
    Sarah, we do offer Medium in other colours on the same last/sole. We may have stock of the older style DALI in stone or there is Dimity in Greige or Diaz in Stone. Also Devon in Navy.
    20 Oct 2014
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    I have been wearing the Donae style for years & it's so comfortable . I will buy 2 more pairs in different colours this year. Have another style & don't like it as much as Donae. Sandra
    Sandra Morrison
    20 Sep 2014
    Sandra, The Donae obviously suits you very well. We do other styles on this "SOL" last/sole, some covered in some not. The Donae is the most stable and good for Orthotic wearers.
    22 Sep 2014
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    I saw the Donae shoe at our local store which I loved but I wear a full orthoic, is there anything I can do to fit my orthouc to fit them besides cutting them down because I do need them fully for my other shoes:(
    Janet Buttigieg
    22 Jun 2014
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    Forgot to choose a product review rating. Five hearts of course!
    13 May 2014
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    I picked up my Donae size 44XL in Greige today. The color is gorgeous and the shoe is SO comfortable! This is the first time in 15 years that I don't have to walk on the outside of my foot so my bunion won't hurt! Thank-you!
    Jan Matuseski
    13 May 2014
    Jan, Glad to hear you have found Ziera. We have many more styles to suit if you want to call back and pick up another pair.
    16 May 2014
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    I wore these shoes yesterday for the first time. I was able to wear them all day. When I took them off my feet didn't didn't burn as they usually do in any shoe!!❤️
    Narcy Dishon
    11 May 2014
    Narcy, great to hear your feet were in such comfort. I have passed this onto our Design team.
    12 May 2014
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    I'm in Brisbane.
    Robin Etter-Cleave
    9 May 2014
    Robin, you can order these through the Ziera Brisbane or Garden City stores. Thanks
    12 May 2014
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    Love these sandals, but can't get my size in Mulberry here!! :-(
    Robin Etter-Cleave
    8 May 2014
    Robin, we have most sizes in stock in the Auckland warehouse. Where are you located?
    9 May 2014
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    Bliss, love these sandals. So comfortable and supportive, don't even have to wear my orthotics. I thought having a back in the sandal may be uncomfortable but no problems. I don't even tear my sandals off when I get home like I usually do. Yes more nice colours for next summer please.
    15 Mar 2014
    Barb, that is great to hear your feet are feeling so comfortable. this last/sole has been going for many years and I'm sure will be for many years to come.
    18 Mar 2014
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    Super comfortable shoe and my feet are hard to please. I did have to take a 7 1/2 though where I am mostly an 8. I am so happy with the newer ranges that are coming out, please keep the fashionable colours and less matronly styles coming, I am nervous about buying online though as I suited different sizes in different styles. I would love more two tone shoes, not a fan of black or beige.
    1 Mar 2014
    Jennie, thanks for your kind comments. Next summer we have some new colours planned for this style, so watch out for them later in the year.
    3 Mar 2014

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