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CATEGORY: Ankle Boot
SIZES [ Size Conversion ]: 34, 35, 36, 37, 37.5, 38, 38.5, 39, 39.5, 40, 40.5, 41, 42, 43, 44
Ziera Sizing
EUR3334353636 ½3737 ½3838 ½3939 ½4040 ½4142434445
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Full inlay [ Info ]
RRP: USD $279.00

Product Reviews

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    Hi, bought cappuccino size 41 in Aug in the sale and I haven't stopped wearing them, they are sooooo comfy. Thought I'd try and purchase a 2nd pair for next year but now back to full price - here's hoping they will be on sale again soon?
    20 Nov 2014
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    where can I buy these boots in the Phoenix, AZ, area?
    1 Nov 2014
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    Is this a pull on or zip on one side
    12 Aug 2014
    HI Raeleen FRANKIE is a pull on boot. Thanks,
    13 Aug 2014
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    After trying on different sizes the always helpful staff at Havelock North located a sale pair in my colour choice elsewhere in the country, which were couriered to me this week. Unfortunately they are not as comfortable as I expected & I just know I will not wear them. I think I really need XXW to cope with my bunions & another foot deformity, but there are none listed. I do have horrible feet to fit, & have not worn boots for many years. Am I still able to return them (they were sale price) & try another pair of boots- perhaps Cate- or other shoes?
    11 Jul 2014
    Helen, I will get the Havelock store to give you a call and resolve this with you. thanks
    15 Jul 2014
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    Orthotic boot "Frankie" can you pls tell me if this is a full inlay orthotic? I'm wanting a boot with a half inlay - do you have these available? many thanks, Helen Boucher
    Helen Boucher
    7 Jun 2014
    Helen, this boot has a full Inlay. the CATE or CANNY have the 3/4 inlay. thanks
    9 Jun 2014
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    I bought the cappuccino boots last week via the website. I have worn them both to work and casually every chance I have had since. They are very comfortable. They get a lot of compliments. Thoroughly recommend the boot.
    1 Jun 2014
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    I bought these Frankie boots and I love them, haven't gone out recently to where them so I where them everyday around the house, so comfortable.
    26 Apr 2014
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    I am looking for ankle boots that have 5 cm heals or less.
    Do you have a heal height for this style?
    26 Mar 2014
    The heel height for Frankie is 35mm. thanks
    28 Mar 2014
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    These look like great shoes but I was wondering what the sole is made from
    Steph martin
    14 Mar 2014
    Steph, these soles are made of TPU. A thermoplastic material.
    18 Mar 2014

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