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    I bought the Gloria style in red last Saturday in Brisbane. I love them as the colour is a great change from black and they are so very comfortable. The only downside is the one of the buttons has come off already after less than a week and the other is already loose. This is the third pair of Ziera shoes that I have bought and it is disappointing as I cannot exchange them as I live in Darwin.
    20 Oct 2016
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    I have several Mary Jane type Ziera shoes and love them as I need the ankle strap. Could you please make one in Fuchsia colour.
    14 Oct 2016
    Hi Jan Thank you for your review and comments. We do have the Gloria style in red but I'll forward your request for Fuchsia to our styling team. Thanks Ingrid
    14 Oct 2016
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    If only you made the khaki in XW. You only seem to make the XW in all your styles in the more boring colours - mostly black. There's only so many black shoes that you can have or want! 😥
    1 Aug 2016
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    I have several pairs of Ziera shoes which I would highly recommend. After I broke my heal, Ziera is the only shoe that works for me. I just ordered 3 more pairs of Ziera shoes from Foot Performance, and I'm waiting for their arrival. Two questions: 1) Do you know of any company that sells eggplant shoe polish as I can not found any? 2) Are the Navy Goloria solid navy leather or navy leather with suede. Staff at Foot Performance said it looked like navy leather and suede, but as I just looked online it looks like it is just navy leather. Please let me know as I'd like to order the Gloria if it is all navy leather. Also, please note making more shoes available in navy would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Judith Jewell
    24 Jul 2016
    HI Judith Thank you for your great feedback and comments. We don't have a specific polish for the eggplant leather but we have been suggesting to our customers they enquire with a local shoe repairer as they often have a range of colours available. The Gloria in Navy is all over plain navy leather. Thanks Ingrid
    25 Jul 2016
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    I bought a pair of Gloria XW size 43 at Rosenbergs in Windsor, Vic recently. It is quite a hike from where I live in Ringwood Nth, Vic but I went because they have large sizes. Anyway, the shoes fit well when I was walking around the store, but when I tried to wear them at home my big toe hurts if I walk up a slope. Will these "give" or have I just wasted over $200 on a pair of unusable shoes?
    Jennifer Crockett
    21 May 2016
    Hi Jennifer, it is impossible for me to comment without actually seeing the shoes on, so the best advice is to contact the store you purchased from. their number is 03 9510 2843 regards Raewyn
    23 May 2016
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    You can't go wrong with these! Most comfy shoes ever. I always make sure I'm wearing these on shopping days. Mine are in Eggplant (purple), which goes well with most of my wardrobe.
    15 May 2016
    the Eggplant are a great choice, goes with many outfit choices. thanks for your review
    16 May 2016
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    I'm hard to fit and, due to a disability, have to be very careful that shoes fit exactly right so I don't trip. These are perfect - so good that I got the black and the red!
    27 Apr 2016
    thanks Cath, Gloria is a very popular style and works well when on your feet all day. regards Raewyn
    28 Apr 2016
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    I like the look of this shoe, but like other reviewers, I would like it in medium in other colours. I have narrow, shallow feet, so adding in an insole to a wider shoe doesn't stop my heel sliding from side-to-side as I walk. (Would love many more of your more fashionable styles in a medium too, but I'll settle for something plain like this in the mean time!)
    15 Apr 2016
    hi Lauren, we do have a very similar style called Gummibear in Black, Espresso (suede version) Chocolate and Pale bronze in Medium width if interested. regards Raewyn
    15 Apr 2016
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    Would love Gloria in red however they are not made in medium only black us manufactured. Putting an additional inner sole in does not resolve the problem for long narrow and shallow feet!
    Jenny Ward
    9 Apr 2016
    that's a shame Jenny, we will have some stock in Medium fit but it wont be coming through until July/August this year. regards Raewyn
    11 Apr 2016
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    I bought a pair of Gloria about a year ago. Really need to polish the shoes, but I can't find a shoe polish close to the eggplant colour. Have looked all over Perth and my local Ziera shoe shop could not help me.
    18 Jan 2016
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    I love Ziera shoes and have been wearing them for the last few years. My favourite is the Solace shoes which are so comfortable to wear from day 1. I couldn't find the Solace any more so I bought the Gloria shoes a few months ago after reading all the great reviews here. I just recently started wearing them but unfortunately, the sole of the shoes are too hard for me, which made my back & legs ache just after a few hours of wearing. I love your Ziera Solace but unfortunately not so the Gloria shoes.
    3 Oct 2015
    that's a shame Christine, the inlay inside the shoe is exactly the same in both shoes and the soles use a very similar material so you would have thought Gloria would have suited you just as well as Solace. I wonder if a softer inlay would help? The update to Solace is called Sarah and is still available. regards Raewyn
    6 Oct 2015
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    Thank you with all my heart for these shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn & my feet are happy at last. They also look great too which is a bonus 😀
    29 Sep 2015
    Hi Toni Thank you for your great feedback on the style GLORIA. Will forward your comments onto the team. Thanks Ingrid
    29 Sep 2015
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    The Gloria shoes have so many good comments already on this website, but I wanted to add mine too. I have a large size, a wide foot and a high instep. Finding a good pair of shoes for me is a killer. Gloria shoes look like they are made for a little girl but when you put them on, you forget about bunions, corns, squashed toes etc, your feet are grateful. Thank you, Ziera. Nowadays there are so many tall girls with large size feet and such a little choice of shoes in large sizes (12 or higher). On your website it seems that you make most of your shoes in 43 and 44 but in stores it is still difficult to find them to try them on, only a few are readily available. I have tried in July the Parramatta, Chatswood and Macquarie Westfield stores and they only had limited choice of shoes in 43 and 44, which is disappointing. I wanted to buy a few different good looking shoes when I found Ziera stores, but not much luck with my size 43(extra wide)-44 (wide). Please make more different shoes on the same last as Gloria and in large sizes.
    6 Aug 2015
    Hi Elena, I am glad you have found something to wear! I wonder if you can talk to the buyer from your local Ziera store as she may be able to keep you in mind when placing her initial order for the season. ie add in your size 43 or 44 to her order in styles that may suit you? We make lots of styles up to 43 & 44 but sometimes do not have stock of all. regards Raewyn
    6 Aug 2015
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    Can you please tell me if the Gloria shoes are on the same last as Smarties and Gummibear? Thanks
    25 Jul 2015
    Hi Margaret, yes they are on the same last. regards raewyn
    28 Jul 2015
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    Brought these shoes with a pair of Follows last weekend, they are great and comfy to wear, i got eggplant and am very happy with both my purchases. Some people say they look old fashion, but i prefer comfort over stylish looking shoes because i'm not the one who is going to suffer bad bunions in years to come trying to squash my feet into stylish, overpriced, ill-fitted shoes. Helpful staff who were willing to go back and forth to get the right size, shoe and fit for me. Thank you!
    24 Jun 2015
    Thanks Jo, I totally agree with you, we have many many customers who wear Follow, it has been one of our best sellers this winter so you are not alone! Regards Raewyn
    25 Jun 2015
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    Love this shoes in eggplant, ordered, went today to try on and ... unfortunately did not buy ... too wide. Black medium fits perfectly, but Medium is not available in eggplant. Please, make more colors available in Medium. The same is with gumbear.
    20 Jun 2015
    Hi Natasha, did you try adding a shim (slim extra padding insert that fits under the removable insert) This give extra padding and also takes up an extra room your slimmer foot does not need. Regards Raewyn
    22 Jun 2015
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    I have Ziera shoes almost exclusively and have absolutely no complaints. They look good, feel comfortable and wear well. The product is complemented by the happy and helpful staff.
    Lyn Godden
    4 Jun 2015
    Hi Lyn Many thanks for your positive comments and feedback, its great to hear. Ingrid
    4 Jun 2015
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    I bought these back in April in black for work. I have worn them every day. No problems at all. I didn't even have to "wear" them in. Might have to buy them in red!
    12 May 2015
    Hi Katrina Thank you for your feedback on this popular style. Besides the red they are also available in Eggplant ( purple) and later this year in Navy. Thanks Ingrid
    13 May 2015
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    I bought these in eggplant and just cannot take them off. I plan my wardrobe around them they are so comfortable. Do you have any boots made on the same last - nice wide toe space?? Mary
    mary brehaut
    30 Apr 2015
    Hi Mary Thank you for your great feedback on this popular last. THis season we have made the boots GABBY and GILLY on the same EFS last. Thanks Ingrid
    1 May 2015
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    I bought a pair of these, in eggplant, while on holiday in NZ. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. As a teacher I'm on my feet all day and as someone with a wide foot I've never been so pain free at the end of the day. So glad to have discovered this brand and now I know of them and realise they are also in Australia this won't be my last pair.
    25 Apr 2015
    Hi Tanya.. Thats great! Thank you for sharing!
    28 Apr 2015
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    Purchased these shoes in the Eggplant,it is a terrific color,the shoes are well made great fitting shoe and extremely comfortable to wear. Great purchase
    24 Apr 2015
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    Best shoes I've ever bought, really comfortable. My feet just love them. Getting heaps of compliments when I wear them. First pair I've bought from Ziera and I'll buying more, boots next!!
    Brigitte McCormick
    9 Apr 2015
    Hi Brigitte, that's a great review thanks. We have a couple of boots on the same last, a mid ankle boot called Gabby and a tall boot called Gilly. This last has plenty of wriggle room for toes and the rocker effect of the sole makes walking much kinder on the toes. Regards Raewyn
    10 Apr 2015
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    These are so comfortable and fit really well with my orthotic and enlarged toe joint. I wore them to work the day after I got them and had no sore spots at all. The red is a great colour, such a nice change from black. Now looking forward to trying the other new styles that are coming.
    25 Feb 2015
    thanks Deanna, Gloria has been a hit so far. This last is very comfortable with heaps of wriggle room for the toes. Regards Raewyn
    27 Feb 2015
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    I bought these in Eggplant last week. They are fabulous - comfortable and stylish. Great colour.
    4 Feb 2015
    that's great Trish, this last is wonderfully comfortable. Kind regards Raewyn
    5 Feb 2015

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