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    Have the hamlet in black and love it especially the three different textures. A very comfortable shoe particularly when one has wide foot. Great design team! Kind Regards Gaye
    Gaye Turner
    11 Oct 2016
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    Are these suitable in X-wide I am comfortable in Allsorts
    7 Oct 2016
    Hi Alicia Thank you for your enquiry. Hamlet is available n the XW which would work well for you if you take this fitting in Allsorts. Thanks Ingrid
    7 Oct 2016
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    Hi Can you please advise if the Hamlet has a hidden heel as I suffer from plantar fasciitis. Regards Melissa
    Melissa Fear
    12 Sep 2016
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    This fit is great BUT it seems over-designed - why do you have patent, "passion'' AND croc? Just keep it simple, Ziera. You could give shops like Wittner in Australia a run for their money in terms of design! Thank you.
    9 Sep 2016
    Hi Caroline, I have passed this on to our range builders and will definitely check out the Wittner website thanks!
    12 Sep 2016
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    I have several pairs of Ziera shoes mostly for winter though. These look lovely and the lighter colour makes them a good choice for autumn/summer. Can you tell me if they are stocked in Gosford please. If not, how about the Macquarie Centre. PS When do you think we will be able to place orders online?
    Pauline C
    4 Sep 2016
    Hi Pauline, We do have a Ziera store in the Macquarie Centre. Online is happening in the near future but it is taking some time to get everything sorted. You could call the Macquarie store for a mail order if needed. Their Number is (02) 9878 8747 regards Raewyn
    6 Sep 2016
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    I love these shoes in the black patent-meteor! I have been searching for some nice shoes for work as I am on my feet all day, ones I can fit my orthotics in and a pair of shoes that was bigger than the standard 42 stocked in most stores. These shoes tick all the boxes! They're such a wonderful shoe packed with style, comfort and class all in one! I know I'm going to be wearing these every day! I even got a pleasant surprise when they arrived to find they have a snazzy little padded section on the heal to stop rubbing. Ziera you have thought of everything with this shoe, thank you so much!
    6 Aug 2016
    thanks Morgan a great review for Hamlet, and they look great with ANY outfit. Regards Raewyn
    8 Aug 2016
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    I have always suffered from painfully achy feet and in my 20s didn't want to compromise with the look, have never had a work shoe this good. I work in a hospital and have to have something enclosed. Amazing to have an enclosed, orthotic friendly and fashionable shoe as well! Can wear with anything, in love!
    6 Jul 2016
    Thank you for the great feedback! That is wonderful to hear!
    6 Jul 2016
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    I am loving these shoes for work. I have orthotics with a really high arch and as such, work appropriate shoes are hard to find. At 23 I was starting to think I would have to either go with out my orthotics (not fun) or end up in ugly old lady shoes. Soooo happy I found these instead!!
    7 May 2016
    thanks Laura, that's a great review for Hamlet
    9 May 2016
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    I bought a pair of Hamlet shoes a few weeks ago and have hardly worn anything else since. They are so comfortable and flattering that I am looking to buy another colour soon.
    9 Apr 2016
    thanks Alison, a very versatile shoe, you could wear this with anything.
    11 Apr 2016
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    I have just bought a pair of these as my foot issues are so bad and at the age of 46 I was so worried I'd end up in very unfortunate looking granny shoes. I'm in the fashion industry and what I wear has to look good. Thank you Ziera for designing shoes that I don't feel embarrassed wearing and actually help my feet. On top of that they are super comfy, it's a win all round. :)
    7 Feb 2016
    thanks Tracey, you will be pleasantly surprised with the next ranges too, lots of fashionable comfortable shoes! regards Raewyn
    9 Feb 2016
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    I love this shoe I wear mine as an evening shoe as well as day wear and it works really well .
    Patricia Elliott
    27 Oct 2015
    thanks Patricia, guessing you have the combo with the patent inserts, very versatile. Regards Raewyn
    27 Oct 2015
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    Does the Hamlet black come in size 40.5? I bought size 40 (too small) then exchanged it for 41 (too big). They were purchased in your Portland, Oregon USA store. Thanks
    15 Sep 2015
    Hi Donna, yes, Hamlet does come in a 40.5. Regards Raewyn
    15 Sep 2015
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    Is this shoe still available at your Perth store in size 39?
    4 Sep 2015
    Hi Libby Thank you for your enquiry. Our store in Perth is showing a 39 XW in the black available but they can order in any colour for you. Thanks Ingrid
    7 Sep 2015
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    I bought the Black Patent/Passion/Croc after not being able to choose between colours. Wore them to work the next day and wore them all day without an issue. My size 42 feet look rather cute and oh so comfy. Was so impressed went online to see whether I could purchase the Leopard/Mocha pair and unfortunately not available in SA. I'm a Ziera tragic and these would have to be the buy of the year. Awesome fit, design, and comfort. Thanks Ziera, you've made my thumper feet look awesome, once again. Deb 29/06/2015
    Deborah Kaye
    29 Jun 2015
    Hi Deborah Thank you for your great ffedback on the style HAMLET. It's great to hear they are working so well for you. We do have available the Black with the Leopard Mocha in your size and this can be ordered through our store in Perth or as a mail order. Thanks Ingrid
    30 Jun 2015
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    I bought the Patent/Leopard/Mocha ones and they are AWESOME. I have massive issues with my feet (you name it and I have it) and these are fab. They look awesome with my vintage style clothes and are comfy and supportive. They don't kill my bunion (miracle!) and they make my average sized (38.5) feet look cute and little which is interesting. I swapped the laces for some black satin ribbon laces I have made and they look even better. Thanks Ziera for designing such comfy shoes with vintage styling... keep up the great work.
    23 May 2015
    Thanks Bex!! We are so glad you love your Hamlet!
    25 May 2015
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    Brilliant! I am in and out of a vehicle all day for work and these Hamlets are so comfortable & stylish and I've been getting compliments everywhere I go! Regards Leanne
    Leanne Coleman
    17 May 2015
    thanks Leanne, that is a great compliment. Regards Raewyn
    18 May 2015
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    Hi are you able to tell me please if there are any size 42 hamlet in Perth? Thankyou.
    5 May 2015
    Hi Sandra, Perth are not showing them in stock but are able to order these in for you. Their contact number is (08) 9325 1715.
    6 May 2015

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