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RED Med,Wide

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    do you have Ziera Gianna,,pale bronze in size 44 wide fitting.what price and cost of postage to Ireland
    kathleen buckley
    15 Oct 2016
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    I am unable to purchase Ziera orthotic shoes in white or beige in Gummibear style. Black and dark colours are not suitable for wearing with summer clothes.
    Glenda Owen
    12 Oct 2016
    Hi Glenda The style GIANNA is made on the same last as Gummibear and is available in a palebronze. This can be viewed on the website. Thanks Ingrid
    13 Oct 2016
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    My local vendor has transferred 3 pair of 39.5 M red shoes in for me to try. All 3 pairs have the same issue: One shoe is a much darker red than the other shoe. While I love these shoes, I can't wear 2 shoes that are obviously different colors.
    19 Aug 2016
    Hi Deb Thank you for your review and comments. Apologies for the inconvenience that you have experienced. Did the store sort this our for you? Thanks Ingrid
    22 Aug 2016
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    Velcro fasteners will last quite well if the fasteners are closed after wearing. I have a brass brush but have not had to use it.
    22 Jan 2016
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    These, Gloria and Gummis have the velcro fasteners. How many 'pulls' are these designed/supposed to last for? I have had multiple pairs of Gummis and a pair of Gloria and always have to pay $30+ to have the velcro replaced. Interested to know the design/research specs. Thanks
    17 Dec 2015
    Hi Linda, we would hope the Velcro would last the life of the shoe, however it does tend to loose its grip if the Velcro gets fluff in it, an of course it does attract this! We recommend using a fine brass brush that is sold for cleaning suede. This picks up and removes the fluff and also teases the Velcro fibres to help in maintaining the grip. Regards Raewyn
    18 Dec 2015

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