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    I need a Danica 36 wide black/ray pair but it won't let me choose. I'm in adelaide. Can you help
    Caroline esterman
    23 Jan 2016
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    Have been a Kumfs/Ziera customer for years and this is the first pair of shoes from this brand I regret buying. The Velcro buckle is a nightmare. It keeps coming open. I've been caught crossing the road and it pops open, leaving me barefoot and shoeless! A disappointment as it's a great looking shoe but a nightmare to wear.
    15 Jan 2016
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    I Bought these shoes in December and have a wide foot. I have worn them to two weddings now and the Velcro has never came undone. They are so comfortable I am hooked on Zierra now.
    4 Jan 2016
    Hi Justine. That is great news! Thanks so much for letting us know :-)
    5 Jan 2016
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    I have been a Kumf/Ziera customer for about 12 years. A few weeks ago I went to buy a pair of Banners and saw the Danica. I couldn't believe it when my foot fitted the shoe due to the adjustable front, and the fact that it was stylish. Felt great in the shop. Wore it out for a Xmas lunch and what a nightmare! Strap kept slipping down so I tightened it. This then caused the Velcro to let go. With every step I took I had to pull strap up or go barefooted. As I was in the Crown this wasn't an option. It was very embarrassing. Looking at this website the Dana probably would have been a better option as it has an ankle strap. I wish this shoe had have been suggested to me by staff as I would not have had this problem. Currently have a pair of Dawn waiting to get picked up but am hesitant whether to buy or not based on this experience.
    16 Dec 2015
    Hi Crystal, firstly apologies for this, as you say very embarrassing when out and about. Not everyone can wear a sling back - the best thing you can do is go back into the store for a resolution. As Dawn is a different kind of style you are not going to have this same problem with them. Regards Raewyn
    17 Dec 2015
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    I agree with Raewyn, the Velcro kept popping open and with nothing else to hold the shoe on I spent the morning stopping to re-secure. Luckily I had another pair of shoes in the car as these had to come off. Unfortunately outside the 30 days as I had been saving them for a special occasion, so they will sit on the rack looking stylish but unworn.
    24 Nov 2015
    Hi Linda, the Velcro should be secure and if not you need to go back to the store even if it is outside the 30 days. Regards Raewyn
    25 Nov 2015
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    i tried these on yesterday. I felt very unsafe. the velcro over the foot is not good, it pulled open. whats wrong with a buckle on elastic?
    15 Nov 2015
    thanks Raewyn, I will get one of our quality inspectors to check this out for us. Regards Raewyn
    16 Nov 2015
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    I will not wear anything other than ziera shoes and sandles as I now go only for style and comfort. thank you
    yvonne stilling
    6 Oct 2015
    thanks for the kind words Yvonne, Danica seems to have hit the mark this season, and both colourways have been very popular in store. Regards Raewyn
    7 Oct 2015
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    Please advise heel height.
    12 Sep 2015
    Hi Cynthia, heel height is approx. 65mm. Regards Raewyn
    14 Sep 2015

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