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3/4 inlay [ Info ]
BLACK Med,Wide

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    Maureen re visibilty of orthotics solution cover your orthotic with a sock letter same colour as the shoe.
    17 May 2016
    Thanks Maureen that is a great solution.
    18 May 2016
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    I have very narrow feet, and had to get the shoe repair man to put some extra holes in the straps to pull them in enough, but they fit! And oh so comfortable! And not too clunky. The red is a bright warm poppy red and they look gorgeous on. Thank you ziera, it often seems there is not a lot of choice for us ladies with narrow feet, but these are lovely.
    12 Jan 2016
    Thanks Karen, that is great news. Our designers are very aware that there are lots of varied feet out there and they do try to make style adjustable to allow for this. Very happy Demi did the trick for you. Regards Raewyn
    13 Jan 2016
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    I love the new style especially with the cutouts as I think it is more stylish and takes away that 'clumpy' look. My orthotics show just a bit on the inside but I still would have the cutouts. I have the black suede with the small heel and now hope to get the red because they are so comfortable.
    Faye Campion
    8 Dec 2015
    thanks Faye, that is exactly what our designers had in mind when creating Demi. Our Ziera stores have been advising customers to slip their coloured orthotic into a sockette to disguise and this seems to work very well. Regards Raewyn
    9 Dec 2015
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    Hi, Do you have any Orthotic shoes, T/Bar, sandles? I have to wear half orthotics both shoes after breaking my leg. I just want something like your DEMI but always WIDE WIDE why? What can I do and why are they so expensive? Regards Irene
    15 Oct 2015
    Hi Irene, you can click on the "orthotic" section at the top of the home page and all the orthotic shoes and sandals will show up including a T Bar sandal called Devon that is currently selling at $30 off. I hope this helps Regards Raewyn
    15 Oct 2015
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    Loved this shoe, tried it on and it fitted well and looked good except that my 3/4 orthotic was raised up and showed on the inside of the foot at the back near the ankle section. The problem could be resolved by not having the cut-out sections on the inside back part of the shoe. Would love to be able to buy these next year with the modification made. Black, navy and tan would be great colours to see it in. Kind regards, Maureen.
    11 Oct 2015
    HI Maureen Thank you for your review which will be forwarded onto our design team. Thanks
    12 Oct 2015
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    Hi Ziera I tried these lovely shoes on at the Perth store at the weekend and they fit perfectly. I have no need for black or red shoes (as lovely as the red is!) but are there any plans to make this shoe in white, cream or pink? Or any other color? Many thanks
    7 Oct 2015
    Sorry Katrina, not this season. You will find other style on the same last in both white and a blush pink but unfortunately not Demi. Regards Raewyn
    8 Oct 2015
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    All ladies who just discovered that you have to wear orthotics. I bought the red Demi last week and worn this beauty all day at work (retail). I love it, it is light, bright, flexible and smart. OMG!! I had so many wonderful comments from my customers!
    7 Oct 2015
    thanks Angela, a great review.
    8 Oct 2015

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