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3/4 inlay [ Info ]

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    I didn't need an orthotic sandal but have wide feet and one annoying bunion! shoes always cut across the bunion or pinch but not this style. They allow for a foot that isn't the same as the other one. They are classy and comfortable and I was so impressed that even though I bought mine late mid season I tracked down another pair in black and ordered them.
    Zierra Iggy I love you!
    12 Jun 2016
    Great soft leather too! thanks for the review. Raewyn
    13 Jun 2016
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    This looks like the elegant sandal with small heel I have been looking for for some years. So disapointed it is not available in medium width. Hope fully with all the straps it may adjust to fit.
    dawn millsteed
    30 Apr 2016
    Hi Dawn Thank you for your feedback. The sister sandal to Iggy is ICONIC which is made in a medium width.. Thanks Ingrid
    2 May 2016
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    bought Iggy in comfortable!...cant wait to buy a black pair..
    christina parris
    18 Dec 2015
    Thanks Christina, it can be very hard to find a refined looking orthotic dress sandal and I think we have achieved this with Iggy. regards Raewyn
    18 Dec 2015
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    Was looking to buy these for summer for work. Decided not to as the fabric covered heel is not robust enough for the purpose. The height is good and the style attractive.
    2 Dec 2015
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    just would like to know if these shoes would take a full orthotic? I have Donae and I use my orthotic it these? Thanks, Angela
    20 Oct 2015
    Hi Angela. Iggy are made for a 3/4 orthotic, but considering you use your full orthotic in Donae I am sure you could do the same with Iggy :-)
    21 Oct 2015
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    Am really thrilled with these shoes. I wear a wide size 42 and these are just so comfortable. Lovely to have an ELEGANT pair of sandals to wear for best.
    Christine Leaf
    20 Oct 2015
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    This shoe is a similar to style to Demi and looks great on except that my orthotic is slightly raised at the rear section of my foot and shows on the inside back part through the cut- out sections on the inside back of the shoe near the ankle. The problem could be resolved by not having the cut-out section on the inside rear of the shoe. I'll be watching for it again next year hoping that some modifications have been made. Kind regards, Maureen.
    11 Oct 2015
    HI Maureen Thank you again for your review which will also be forwarded onto the team. Thanks
    12 Oct 2015

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