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BLACK Med,Wide,X-Wide

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    I have a favourite shoe IBIS that I love and bought several pair but I need to replace Could you suggest a style comparable to that style with the same last and similar strap
    Raeleen Lynch
    17 Jul 2016
    Hi Raeleen, the update for IBIS is called Isla. New styles will be up and showing on our website soon, but I will email a pic to you. Regards Raewyn
    18 Jul 2016
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    Is that a proper buckle, or does the strap fasten with velcro? I know that Velcro can be easier for people to fasten, but for those of us with very high arches, it's horrid, because there's no way of fastening the shoe without the ugly velcro showing.
    28 May 2016
    Hi Deborah, sorry you are right move is a Velcro strap, however we have heard form ladies who have successfully and quite reasonably had their repair person change to a working buckle. Regards Raewyn
    30 May 2016
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    I love Ziera shoes They are super comfy. I have Ortho inserts and at present am wearing a pair of sandals with 3/4 sole insert Will I be able to fit my otho pcs with a full sole insets pls
    Pauline L
    11 May 2016
    Hi Pauline Thank you for your enquiry and review. The MOVE shoe does have a full removable inlay but it's always best in these situations to be professionally fitted in store. Thanks Ingrid
    11 May 2016
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    Can you tell me if this shoe xwide.
    Jen Dean
    13 Dec 2015
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    Hi Ziera What happened to the Jojo, Joyce and Jasper looking shoes? Sorry to say I don't like any of the styles on your site so far! Move is the best of the range ... I am considering! Please bring back some class range shoes again!
    May Mulholland
    5 Dec 2015
    Hi May Thank you for your review. Please check out the style ZIGGY and JEWEL on the website. Thanks Ingrid
    7 Dec 2015
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    Do you have size 33 Med. I have size 34 but still a little bit long, I think size 33 will be fit perfectly
    Ann Nguyen
    28 Oct 2015
    Hi Ann The only style we make in size 33 is the ARIZONA style which can be viewed on the website. Thanks Ingrid
    29 Oct 2015
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    Love these shoes. The only ones that I now want to wear. Thank you.
    Judith Meikle
    28 Oct 2015
    Thank you for the review Judith! Enjoy your Move :-)
    29 Oct 2015
  • I need shoe size 37 C which width would that be fir me. Thanks Geraldine
    5 Oct 2015
    Hi Geraldine Thank you for your enquiry. A C fitting is equivalent to our Wide fitting. Thanks Ingrid
    6 Oct 2015
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    May I please ask: on the webpage the strap on the navy Move is plain, but on the black Move it appears to be hole punched. Is that correct? Looks to be a good "corporate" shoe, and the black is available in medium! Can't rate it as not yet purchased. Thanks. Tricia
    19 Sep 2015
    Hi Tricia, the straps will be punched, the Navy picture needs updating. This is a great fitting last with a full insert which will allow customised fitting as well. Regards Raewyn
    21 Sep 2015

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