Women's Shoes

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The Flex range is an essential wardrobe staple. This lightweight range has been designed to look as good as they feel, with a high performance footbed for excellent cushioning, support and comfort.
designed for comfort and style
My Zieras were outstandingly comfortable and look surprisingly fresh. I have worn Ziera shoes for nearly ten years now, because from time to time I get back pain and plantar fasciitis. Not a twinge this entire trip! I have dropped two dress sizes in my time away, so that gives an idea of how much walking I have done in my Zieras, often across countless kilometres of cobblestones!
designed for comfort and style
I bought these yesterday and wore them all day and have never felt so comfortable. As I have a foot problem find it difficult to find a shoe to fit. These are amazing. Thank You
designed for comfort and style
I bought these to wear on a trip to Japan where I did a LOT of walking and LOTS of stairs. They were very comfortable and hard wearing and looked good. The zip was a great addition to enable me to slip out of the shoes at temples and houses!
Designed with your well-being & comfort in mind. These features are designed and meticulously crafted into every Ziera shoe.
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