16 March 2017

We’re searching for unstoppable women who empower others through their amazing spirit.

There’s an unstoppable woman in everyone’s life. Day after day, she’s achieving great things and doesn’t let anything stand in her way. We need you to champion the ones you know, and give them a helping hand to recognise their ambition to be the best version of themselves.

We're searching for unstoppable women to win one of five prizes of $2,500 plus five pairs of shoes to give them a helping hand towards achieving great things. You can nominate as many unstoppable woman as you like. Each time you nominate, you’ll go into the draw to win one of 100 pairs of shoes, one for you and one for the person you nominate. Achieve the extraordinary every day. Be unstoppable.

For over 70 years Ziera has designed with one mission in mind: to empower and support women, by making them feel and look great every step of their day. We want to continue to celebrate women doing great things, whether that is being an amazing mum, running your own business, being a kick-ass friend, doing great things in the community or just being the incredible woman that you are.

Helping women is part of Ziera’s DNA. We want to start conversations, encourage nominations, support empowerment and really celebrate women. We all have unstoppable women in our lives, let them know how much you care by nominating them on the website or Facebook today.