Flex Road Testers

15 May 2017

As part of our Flex launch, we sent out a range of Ulla, Usher and Umbria to road testers across New Zealand & Australia. Two of our Road Testers describe their Flex experience.

Kate Knapman

  • Brief description of your professional experience?
  • Practice Manager Footprint Podiatry, South Australia.

  • What led you to adopt your profession?
  • After spending more than 20 years running an Electrical business with my husband I was offered the opportunity in 2012 to join my Podiatrist as part of her team. Even though I hadn’t worked in the allied health field before having been a patient of the clinic for more than 7 years I knew the kind, caring environment that I would be working in. Our patients are not just a client. They are ‘family’ and I love being a part of their lives.

  • Tell us what it is like to be on your feet all day?
  • Being on my feet all day can be painful due to the recent diagnosis of 3 neuromas in both of my feet. This is in addition to the arterial thrombosis in my left ankle! With these conditions the comfort of my feet is of utmost importance. Due to my medical issues I require my shoes to be able to accommodate my custom orthotics and due to my fashion sense they need to be stylish! Luckily I have found many shoes in the Ziera range that fit that profile perfectly.

  • What are the features of Ziera Flex shoes that you think benefit ladies who wear our shoes?
  • Having worn a few different ‘sneaker style’ shoes in the past, the new Ziera Flex Umbria lace up sneakers are the perfect lightweight shoe that is not only comfortable, but stylish. The soft flexible upper allows your feet to breathe and for those who suffer with bunions the fabric is soft leaving less of a chance of irritation on the area. The included innersole has great arch support and cushioning and is easily removed for those who need to use their custom orthotics.

  • What is your favourite Flex style feature?
  • I love the ombre effect on my silver Umbria flex shoes. They look equally stylish walking the dog as they do in my role as Practice Manager. Since receiving the shoes I have been asked by almost every patient where they can buy a pair, and once I tell them they not only look great but feel fabulous on my very troublesome feet they can’t wait until the official launch.

  • How did you enjoy the Ziera shoes?
  • I loved adding the Umbria flex shoes to my ever increasing Ziera shoe wardrobe. I found these to be more comfortable than my Piper sneakers due to the softer upper and more flexible sole. Not having them for very long I was expecting it would take a few wears for them to feel their best on my painful feet. Fortunately for me they were comfortable from the very first wear. This is extremely rare for me so I was delighted and I can definitely see me adding more colours and styles to my collection.
Leah Waters

  • Brief description of professional experience?
  • Graduated as a podiatrist from Latrobe university in 2009. Worked in a variety of different practices including specific podiatry practices and sports medicine practices before opening my own clinic in 2012. My areas of interest are biomechanical concerns and the management of sports injuries, orthotic prescription and footwear prescription and modification.

  • What led you to adopt your profession?
  • I struggled with constant aches and pains in my feet and legs as a child as I was very active. After having my alignment improved with orthotics prescribed by a Podiatrist if resolved my pain and made a huge difference for me. I wanted to do the same for other people too.

  • Tell us what it is like to be on your feet all day?
  • being on your feet all day can be very tiring and make you not want to exercise if your feet are tired at the end of the day. It can lead to not only sore feet but a sore back as pressure is increased on all the joints. Appropriate cushioned and supportive footwear can alleviate these issues and keep you comfortable.

  • What are the features of ziera flex shoes that you think benefit ladies who wear our shoes?
  • The first thing I noticed was how light weight the shoes were. I felt like I didn't have anything on! They have good flexibility under the ball of the foot which is perfect for natural foot movements while offering a stiff heel counter and torsional stability for support. The removable innersole offers a good level of cushioning and arch support while allowing women with orthotics to swap them with their custom level of support where needed. The soft material across the forefoot also allows for different foot shapes including bunions and hammer toes.

  • What is your favourite flex style feature?
  • It would have to be the overall comfort. The first day I wore these I had them on all day at work and then walked the dog in them as they felt so comfy. The style is also very versatile. I wore them at work, running errands on a Saturday afternoon and to and from Pilates classes and they were perfectly suitable for all of them.

  • How did you enjoy the ziera shoes?
  • I enjoyed the fact I could just throw them on without thinking about not being comfortable and could run from one thing to the next without changing shoes. They were super comfortable and will definitely be recommending them to my patients.