Jo Hood Is Unstoppable

11 October 2017

In 1990 Jo founded the first Mainly Music group in New Zealand. Mainly Music is a 30 minute fun interactive music session for parents or primary caregivers to interact with their young child.

Since this first group was established, Jo has started groups all over New Zealand. There are now 80 in Auckland alone. Throughout the session, children develop gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination, mathematical and pre-reading skills. Each mainly music is associated with and is run by volunteers from a local church. It is also an opportunity for caregivers to connect with others in their community.

A few years ago Jo also started Mainly Music in Australia and there are now hundreds of groups there. Jo is still working tirelessly and with her team provides all the background support and resources for all the groups. Recently she and her team have a new initiative. Excluded Communities program works with children of refugees, teen parents and families isolated by issues such as mental health, drug and alcohol.

Ziera is built around the values of empowering and supporting women – and is sharing the stories of incredible women who inspire others through their amazing spirit. When asked what her favourite styles from the SS17 collection were, Jo picked Keiko in navy, as they look fashionable yet comfortable.