Quin is Unstoppable

11 September 2017

Ziera is built around the values of empowering and supporting women – and is sharing the stories of incredible Kiwis who inspire others through their amazing spirit.

Quin Tang is a woman who will not be beaten. No matter what life throws at her, the single mum-of-two fights back. A survivor of the bloody Cultural Revolution in her native China – which tore her family apart and claimed the life of her beloved mother - as well as a deadly earthquake in New Zealand, she has experienced extreme suffering and poverty, but refused to let it define her. Instead, Quin views her ordeals as forms of learning, which help her in her role as a counsellor, working with society’s most vulnerable people. “When opportunity comes I take it – I turn it into something and do not let it pass,” explains Quin, who despite arriving in Christchurch unable to speak English, went on to complete four degrees. Compassion developed through experience, as well as study have made Quin an unstoppable force in transforming the lives of those with mental health issues. “I feel very privileged to be able to journey with people,” reveals Quin, whose memoir, Half a Walnut Tree, was released last year. “It’s painful, but also rewarding. I tell them they’re not alone".

When asked what her favourite styles from the SS17 collection were, Quin mentioned Seashore and Usher .