Size Guide
Put your heel against a wall and measure from the wall to your big toe.
The length of my foot is:
Size Conversion
Ziera/Eu US/NZ/AUS Uk
34 4.5 2
35 5/5.5 2.5/3
36 6 3.5
37 6.5/7 4/4.5
37.5 7 4.5
38 7.5 5
38.5 8 5.5
39 8/8.5 5.5/6
39.5 8.5 6
40 9 6.5
40.5 9.5 7
41 9.5/10 7.5
42 10.5 8
43 11/11.5 8.5/9
44 12 9.5
45 13 10.5
Width fittings explained

Ziera has several options available, though many of our styles have different fits. You can filter by width of the fit from our search page. The fittings are:

M - Accommodate feet that require slightly less space than our W fitting styles.

W - Our standard fit which should suit most people. If your big toe joint/small toes begin to feel pinched or ache, then you may want to try our roomier XW fit.

FF - Based off our W fit. You can tailor the fit to allow for more or less room in the shoe by swapping or removing the forefoot inserts which are included with the shoe.

XW - Allows for a little more room over the instep or at the front part of the sandals, shoes or boots than our W fitting styles.

XF - Based off our XW fit. You can tailor the fit to allow for more or less room in the shoe by swapping or removing the forefoot inserts which are included with the shoe.

XXW - Looks after a foot which needs more space over the in step or the fore foot area. If our XW is a little tight the XXW could be just right.

Fitting advice

If you would normally take a half size, e.g. 36.5, but the style you're looking at doesn't come in halves, we recommend you select a larger size.

If you find shoes are often a bit tight in width, or shoes which are one size larger than your true size feel more comfortable across your feet, we recommend that you select the W width.

If you find it very difficult to find shoes that are comfortable in width or usually seek out shoes that are made for extra wide feet, then an extra wide fitting is most suitable. Opt for the XXW width.

If you experience gaping material around the mid-section of your foot, and the tendency for your foot to slip side to side in the shoe, a narrow fit is most suitable. Opt for the M width.

Some styles have adjustable features, such as adjustable straps. This information is detailed on the product pages.

If you would prefer to be fitted in person before you purchase, we suggest you visit a Ziera specialist store where we can help you find your perfect fit.

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