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Rosie Jamieson - Ziera Head of Design

Rosie Jamieson, Head Designer at Ziera

Ziera’s new head of design, Rosie Jamieson, has more than two decades of experience in the craft of footwear creation, and she is driven by more than just a desire to make beautiful shoes.

What is important to you as Ziera's head designer?

My team and I design to help women do what they need to do, and also what they want to do! It’s about more than just a pair of shoes. It’s about what having the right shoes enables you to achieve. When your shoes hurt it can distract you, limit you and even stop you from succeeding, so we design shoes with world-class comfort engineering hidden inside stylish uppers. This means women can get on with enjoying their busy lives. I feel lucky to help empower women to ‘do’.

What inspires you?

I am motivated by clever solutions to everyday problems and I love the little details that make life run smoother – the life hacks! I always have that in mind when I’m designing our footwear.

Why did you become a shoe designer?

I've been fascinated with shoes ever since I was a child. I still wear a pair of blue suede kitten heels that I bought when I was 14! I originally wanted to be an engineer but then I discovered you could study footwear design at university. For me, it was the perfect combination – the fun of fashion and the technical expertise of pattern engineering and fit. I graduated with honours and my first design job was with Hush Puppies, which taught me a lot. Since then I’ve worked all over the world and designed thousands of shoes. After more than 20 years my love for shoes is stronger than ever.


Rosie's favourite looks for Autumn - Winter

Rosies Picks - AW19 Popstar sneaker Rosies Picks - AW19 Verity Slingback Rosies Picks - AW19 Santos Boot


"The metallic star detail looks great in the office but also works for the weekend. The comfort engineering helps me easily get to my 10,000 steps a day target!"


"Great for going from work to drinks. Slingbacks are on trend so I'll be making the most of these amazingly comfortable and versatile heels."


"I love this versatile style with classic riding boot lines. It's great to have a generous knee-high boot that actually fits my calves."


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