How to Wear Rose Gold

12 December 2016

It’s THE colour of the moment and it’s not just restricted to the world of jewellery. Rose gold is blooming everywhere, from hair colour to fabric, electronics to shoes. More edgy than rose, less gaudy than gold, it combines luxury and fashion in a trend that shows no signs of wilting. So how do you embrace this trend? Shoes With the ability to look soft and delicate but lift an entire outfit, rose gold shoes are an essential in every wardrobe. The shade has a neutrality that means it goes well with almost any outfit, and it looks equally good in flats and sandals as it does on an elegant heel. Try Ziera’s Toni for your go to flat slide this summer and Innes for your everyday sandal while getting out and about. Iris with its gladiator styling gives you an on trend look for summer parties.

Clothing Rose gold clothing has a beautiful femininity, as showcased most recently by Michelle Obama, when she made fashion-watchers swoon with her Versace dress at Barack’s final state dinner. Timeless and elegant, this colour can switch between the bold and the subtle depending on the fabric. It works really well with crisp whites and sharp blacks, as well as earthy tones like browns and nudes, and more vibrant corals. Experiment with the trend with a rose gold midi skirt matched with a white blouse – the perfect summery attire.

Hair Celebrities from Sienna Miller to Kate Hudson have embraced rose gold in their tresses, and more recently Kylie Jenner and Emma Roberts have adopted the hue. A shade that sits between blonde and pink, this soft, pretty tone with hints of copper is flattering and surprisingly easy to wear. Easier to achieve on blonde rather than darker hair, it involves lightening the locks before adding the colour.

Nails This year has seen the dawn of the mirror nail trend – talons so glossy you can see your face in them – and rose gold has been a popular shade for those adopting this look. The ultra-shiny effect is created using either a chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or highly pigmented powder. For a more subtle look, go for a regular rose gold varnish which works like a nude, elongating your nails and matching any outfit.

Jewellery Rose gold has increasingly been adorning celebrities worldwide, whether on Blake Lively’s $2million engagement ring or the pendant the Duchess of Cambridge wore while in Bhutan earlier this year. A metal that flatters most skin tones, you can mix it up with other metals, bridging the gap between silver and gold. It looks particularly lustrous when paired with turquoise jewellery.

Electronics Apple have embraced rose gold with MacBooks and iPhones available in the hue, and now you can get everything from Kate Spade speakers to Nike Fuelband fitness trackers in rose gold. Adding some pretty to your electronics, these gorgeously-coloured gadgets have very quickly become must-haves. And if you don’t want to splash out on new technology, there is an array of rose gold phone cases and tablet covers widely available.