How to wear summer neutrals

10 October 2016

It’s one of fashion’s most sophisticated and chic looks but dressing in summer neutrals is also harder than it looks, despite the simple colour palette. Follow these styling tips and you’ll soon be making your own statement in cool whites, rich tans, crisp creams and refined taupes for that polished and effortless style.

1) Mix up the textures
With a limited colour palette, you need to add interest into your outfit otherwise you run the risk of it looking a little one dimensional. Combining items in different fabric types, such as silk and cotton or chiffon and linen in the same colour will give your look the added extra impact it needs. Accessorise with a shoe that has some kind of detailing on it – anything from perforated leather to plaited decoration or other embellishments would be ideal.

2) Mix up the tones
While a head-to-toe outfit in one colour can make an impact, you can have equal success by using varying tones of the one colour. Remember darker colours will help areas of the body recede and lighter colours will emphasis them more, so use this to your advantage by drawing the eye to areas you want people to see.

3) Focus on fit and shape
As your neutral pieces will also become the foundation for the rest of your outfits when you’re mixing and matching, try and invest in the best quality cuts and fabrics you can afford. The same goes with shoes. The beauty of having a wardrobe of neutrals is you’ll always have items that match, as well as ones you can mix and match.

4) Add pops of colour
It may seem at odds with dressing in neutrals but don’t be afraid to add colours to your base outfits through shoes and accessories – orange, pink, yellow and blue are particularly good, however you can get away with just about any colour with a neutral so choose your favourite.

5) Layering
Take your summer neutral look to the next level by introducing layers to break up the outfit. Look for items that finish in unexpected lengths – perhaps a crop shirt worn over a longer line singlet, teamed with wide leg pants and topped by a duster coat that ends at calf-length. Throw on a long scarf in a silky fabric to create another layer. It’s this attention to detail that creates a polished neutral look.

6) Bonus
Every woman needs a pair of neutral shoes in their wardrobe. Not only will they go with everything, they also have the extra style element of lengthening the leg thanks to the illusion they create.