Robina Royal Nurse Road Testers

11 July 2017

Ziera recently sent out the latest Flex Range to a wonderful team of Nurses working within the Intensive Care Unit at Robina Hospital.

Robina Hospital on the Gold Coast, Queensland is run by Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service. The hospital has 364 in-patient beds with mainly single rooms. The hospital has a truly friendly atmosphere and, being smaller, it cares on a much more personal level (so we are told by our patients!).

You'll be hearing more about their journey soon, but for now we'd like to share their summary of their experience trialing the Flex range.

"I love the new shoes thank you so much for the opportunity to trial them.... Before receiving them I had increasingly been having sore feet after the end of my 12.5 hr shoft, after one 12.5 hr shift in your shoes my problems had disappeared. I love the level of comfort, the arch support and bounce these shoes give me."

"I am used to wearing Sketchers to work but found the Ziera shoes very comfortable. The arch support felt a bit strange initially but once having worn them a couple of times they were fine. I occasionally suffer from aching legs and feet but have had no issues with these shoes."

"Despite looking quite flat, surprising support - a very comfortable pair of shoes. Am Impressed!?"

"I really love these shoes. I have high arches so found the arch support to be very comfortable. Not too soft and not too firm. The soles of the shoes are very comfortable for lots of walking especially whilst on 12 hour shifts. The only dislike I have is that the laces were very thick therefore making them difficult to tie up. I therefore changed laces & am much happier with the outcome. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to trial these shoes & would be very willing to pay for a future pair."

Your contribution by supporting us with your shoes will help to go towards the “safe environment for the team”. We frequently do 10,000 steps or more during a 12 hour shift with 7 or 8 nurses and 3 doctors on most shifts. Our average number of patients is about 7. That is a lot of feet who are now happy thanks to you.