Customise your Ziera Shoes - Your Feet Your Fit

Get the perfect fit every time with our multiple width fitting system.

Ziera's uniquely contoured and cushioned inlays are a key element of our superior comfort.

Many Ziera styles come with our Your Feet Your Fit system which allows each foot to be fitted separately with underfoot inserts to reduce the volume of the shoe in the forepart. You can wear one or both inserts - or neither - whatever feels right for you.

To check if the style you’re looking at is FF or XF and comes with our Your Feet Your Fit multiple fitting system in-store you’ll see an FF or an XF stamped next to the size. Online you’ll see it next to where you select your size on the product page.

How to find your fit

Your Feet Your Fit custom fit 1

A perfect fit?
Great! You won’t need the inserts if the shoes are a perfect fit straight out of the box.

Your Feet Your Fit 2

Shoes a little too generous?
Add in the blue or grey (thinner) forefoot insert to make the shoe more snug.
Your Feet Your Fit 2

Shoes still too generous?
Add in the pink or green (thicker) forefoot insert to make it even more snug - use both if required. Position the inserts under the footbed with the flex lines facing down. They sit back from the toe to ensure toe room is not compromised.

Your Feet Your Fit 4

Need even room?
You can remove the footbed completely to give extra wriggle room - you can also buy a 3/4 footbed to give extra support.
Your Feet Your Fit 5

Need to fit a custom orthotic?
Remove the footbed to fit a full-length orthotic. For a 3/4 orthotic you can buy a leather covered forefoot inlay for the front of the shoe.