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The Flex range is an essential wardrobe staple. This lightweight range has been designed to look as good as they feel, with a high performance footbed for excellent cushioning, support and comfort.
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Gone are the days I’d suffer in the name of style... After discovering Ziera a few years back, sore feet are no longer an option for me. Ziera shoes are not only built for comfort with loads of support but they’re on trend too. Winning! Leonie Barlow.
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Modern minimal styling...but still a broad enough range to keep everyone happy. If you have fussy feet, their range is worth considering. I can be on my feet in these all day. Deborah Gates.
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As always, Ziera is great at delivering style AND comfort in the same shoe! Chasing Cait.
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Designed with your well-being & comfort in mind. These features are designed and meticulously crafted into every Ziera shoe.
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See what this London retailer has to say about Ziera, and find out more about how we achieve comfort and style.