Adjustable Arch

We are, and have always been, passionate about how our shoes look, fit and feel. So much so, that in the 70 years since our family first started this company, we&rsquo:ve been getting to know you and your feet better. Every woman is unique; every foot is different. So Ziera brings together premium materials, in-depth knowledge of the foot and constant testing to develop the best possible solutions for women’s feet of all shapes and sizes.

Ziera’s new adjustable arch technology has been developed in conjunction with the AUT School of Podiatry. This footbed comes with uniquely designed wedges so you can alter the height and position of arch support to suit your feet.

STANDARD ARCH SUPPORT The shoes come with the green arch support wedge already attached to the underside of the footbed..

TO ADJUST ARCH HEIGHT FOR LESS ARCH SUPPORT If the arch feels too high for you, remove the green arch support wedge and use the footbed without one. FOR MORE ARCH SUPPORT If the arch support feels too low, replace the green arch support wedge with the thicker pink one provided in the shoebox.

TO ADJUST ARCH POSITION Each arch support wedge has a high and a low end. To adjust the position of the high point, remove the wedge, rotate it 180° and place it under the footbed of the other shoe. You can adjust the arch fit differently for each foot – it’s all about what feels right for you!

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