Simone is Unstoppable

For the past two years Simone has built a diverse arts community in Tauranga called The Incubator. She has been the driving force behind a movement that has revitalised and brought together the community.

Jo Hood Is Unstoppable

In 1990 Jo founded the first Mainly Music group in New Zealand. Mainly Music is a 30 minute fun interactive music session for parents or primary caregivers to interact with their young child.

Shirleene is Unstoppable

Dr. Shirleene Robinson has dedicated her life to making Australia a much fairer, tolerant and more inclusive society. For a number of years now she has been an advocate and spokesperson for marriage equality in Australia.

Alexia is Unstoppable

Alexia Hilbertidou is determined to change the world – and she is fearless in her quest. The 18-year-old is the founder of GirlBoss New Zealand.

Quin is Unstoppable

Quin Tang is a woman who will not be beaten. A survivor of the bloody Cultural Revolution in her native China, she has experienced extreme suffering and poverty, but refused to let it define her.

Robina Royal Nurse Road Testers

Ziera recently sent out the latest Flex Range to a wonderful team of Nurses working within the Intensive Care Unit at Robina Hospital.

Flex Road Testers

As part of our Flex launch, we sent out a range of Ulla, Usher and Umbria to road testers across New Zealand & Australia. Two of our Road Testers describe their Flex experience.

Common foot problems and what to do about them

It is estimated that more 80 percent of us will experience some kind of problems with our feet during our lifetime, with women nine times more likely to suffer from issues than men.