Our Latest Flex Road Tester: Nicola Dyer

29 June 2017

  1. Brief description of your professional experience: I am Gateway Coordinator at Rosehill College in Papakura, I work with Senior Students getting them work placements out in the community. I spend a lot of time out on the road driving students to placements plus putting them through extracurricular courses.
  2. What led you to adopt your profession? I actually have a sales background and I am comfortable dealing with people. I approach local businesses to create opportunities for my students, I just started working at school while my own kids were younger and I was fortunate to fall into the perfect role for me. I absolutely love seeing the students that apply for my programme get fantastic work and opportunities from what I create, I also find it a buzz seeing them grow in confidence.
  3. Tell us what it is like to be on your feet all day? You get used to it but your feet and legs get tired and achy, I have learned to invest in good shoes because you pay for it in the long run if you don’t, I am literally on the go some mornings I start very early and hit the ground literally running.
  4. What are the features of Ziera Flex shoes that you think benefit ladies who wear our shoes? The Ziera Flex are light and stylish, but allow my feet to move in a natural way, I really recommend them for style and fit.
  5. What is your favourite Flex style feature? They’re sporty but also quite funky, I have found I am wearing the pair I have to trial on weekends as well as workdays, I actually wish I had a couple of pairs to rotate.
  6. How did you enjoy the Ziera shoes? Honestly they’re way more comfortable than I was expecting, they fit perfectly and there was no wear in time, by this I mean straight away I felt as though they were perfectly worn in for my feet. I think they look awesome on but I didn’t know how I felt about them when I first got them, they shape to your feet so they look very smart on. I had been suffering quite a bit with plantar pain and that had gone – I thought that would be a good thing to mention!