Micro Suede Shoe Care

18 January 2018

EXCITE Poinciana


EXCITE Black Suede


OAHU Blue Suede


So you've bought Excite in Micro Suede, but you're not sure how to take care of them.
Micro-suede is a beautiful, soft material and with that heel these are the perfect Summer heels. While the notion of taking care of this material seems daunting, it need not be. Below are two easy steps you need to keep your new shoes in tip top condition.

1. Seal your Suede
You wouldn't go out in new leather shoes before coating them in a water protection spray, similarly you shouldn't wear your micro suede mules out until you've ensured they've been given the same treatment. Our Ziera Stores all stock water protection spray that can be purchased along with your shoes.

2. Use hot Soapy Water
If you spill or stain your shoes, apply hot soapy water sparingly and wipe dry.