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Founded by two podiatrists over 70 years ago.

Ziera is passionate about how our shoes fit and feel. We design bespoke lasts (foot moulds) adding adjustability, roomy toe areas and multiple width choices - these create maximum fit and comfort giving all the support your patients need.
A major focus for Ziera is the wide range of orthotic friendly shoes with styles to suit any lifestyle. From women's casual shoes to dress shoes, walking shoes to corporate classics - Ziera orthotic-friendly shoes have extra depth and a removable inlay to accommodate a custom orthotic.


Ziera has a wide range of styles with removable footbeds that can be swapped out for custom orthotics.

Innovative Footbeds

Ziera's underfoot comfort systems are unparalleled with cushioning and arch support that cocoons the whole foot. Made so luxuriously comfortable that they can be worn all day, every day.

Multiple-Width Fitting Systems

Ziera's multi-fit systems allow the fit to be tailored for individual needs.

Adjustable arch support technology

Ziera's new adjustable arch technology has been developed in conjunction with the Auckland School of Podiatry. This footbed comes with uniquely designed wedges so you can alter the height and position of arch support to suit the feet of your patients.