Healthcare professional - Juliann Simeonidis



I have been a private practising podiatrist for 20 years now. Specialising in general care of feet such as hard skin, (corns and calluses), toe nail problems as well as sports injuries or biomechanical imbalances and assessing walking and running gaits. I also prescribe footwear and/or orthotics (shoe inserts).

What was it that made you want to be a podiatrist?
I have always enjoyed competitive sport; I knew I wanted to become a podiatrist at the age of 10 years old. I was very involved with Highland Dancing for 20 years, and it was during my years as a dancer I learnt the value of feet!

What are the most common foot problems you see in your female patients?
Painful corns and calluses are the main problem we treat in females. These conditions are often secondary to biomechanical problems, such as bunions or hammer toes. Women also suffer injuries such as arch, heel, ankle and knee pain. Of course appropriate foot wear is imperative to help patients over come their painful symptoms. Shoes that are supportive, fit well and look good are vital!

How do orthotics help patients?
(Orthoses) help re-align the patient's foot and lower limb in relation to the ground. They can be customised to the patients needs whether that need is: Cushioning, support, correction and stability. They are helpful in off-loading painful areas within the feet. There are many types of orthoses and as a podiatrist, it is important I recommend the right shoe initially before making/prescribing orthoses.

What are the features of Ziera shoes that you think benefit your female patients?
The width choices, the variation in styles, the depth of the shoe which is most helpful when prescribing orthoses. Ziera shoes have an orthotic friendly range, which makes our job so much easier, particularly with their deep heel counters. They offer great support, but more importantly for many females, Ziera shoes have found the knack of combining style with support.

How did you enjoy your Ziera shoes?
I love the look of the Lido. The silver took my eye from the get go. I did initially struggle with the width, as the shoe caught me on both the top and sides of my 5th metatarsal heads. I actually had to trim the insole inside and convert it into a half orthotic so my 5th toes didn't feel pressure and discomfort. Once I did that, all was well. I had many comments on my snazzy silver shoes. Thanks Ziera for giving me the opportunity! :-)