Three generations of shoes

Fashions may have changed over the past 70 plus years that we’ve been in the shoe business, but our conviction – thatwomen deserve the best of both style and comfort – is unchanged. This belief has seen Ziera evolve from our foundationin New Zealand, to bringing beautiful comfort to women around the world.


Brothers-in-law Mervyn Adams and David Robertson went into partnership as podiatrists. Looking for footwear to recommend to their clients, they found a lack of styles they believed to be orthopaedically good enough. So they set out on an ambitious project to study 10,000 women’s feet and create unique ‘lasts’ (shoe moulds) based on anatomical need.


David Robertson

Mervyn Adams


A local manufacturer was found and the range they
developed - known as Mervyn Adams Arch Supporting
Shoes - was instantly successful.


The first Mervyn Adams store opened in Hamilton,
New Zealand.

Hamilton Store, 1950


The company moved into manufacturing, setting up its own factory.


Exports began to Australia and towards the end of the decade, we broke into the American market.


A time of tremendous growth, the factory relocated twice in the early 80s with more space needed to expand and meet demand. John Robertson, son of founder David Robertson, took over as Managing Director in 1980.

NZ Herald Ad, 1979


saw the opening of the first of our own stores in Australia - in Sydney’s Parramatta Shopping Centre. All the shoes began to be marketed under the Kumfs name in 1996.


The first US Kumfs store opened in Fresno, California.


All manufacturing was shifted to our factory in
Guangdong, China.

China Production Facility


Ziera, a fresh brand name, is launched but the focus on stylishly comfortable shoes remains the same.


Our new super store opens on Broadway, Newmarket. The store fit out has been updated along with a new logo and livery.


Now, just like back in the 1940s, a dedication to both style and comfort is something that's at the heart of our business.

This family-owned New Zealand company is now headed by the third generation of Robertsons - Andrew, grandson of the founder.